D Bwoy Telem Ft Ozone Africa & Macky 2 – “Upuba” Mp3

D Bwoy Telem Ft Ozone Africa Macky

Join me in getting a single new song for your song list! D Bwoy Telem together with Ozone Africa and legendary Macky 2 have brought into the world their latest song, Upuba, which will most definitely be next number on the charts as this song has the best of the best of Zambian musicians combined in one single song. Whether you like dance hits or smooth ballads, the A mix of “Upuba” is definitely something that will make you, regardless of the genre, feel excited afterwards. Get involved in this trending experiment, which is gonna lead us through the creation ideas and the mystery behind music’s magic.

The Making of “Upuba”

Creativity and the dynamics of the collaboration as factors to consider:

“Upuba” production process had artists roughly beginning their journey across Zambia. D Telem Bwoy started the project and, furthermore, partnered with Ozone Africa and Macky 2 to combine their skills and attributes to achieve a musical masterpiece of incredible proportion. The trio was in the pre-production scripting for a month, throwing around ideas, and arriving at the meeting of their minds while they make sure that inputs of individual work smoothly.

This era, they worked hard to come up with a story that moved different category of their supporters well while including themes of resilience and personal development. Their collaboration was displayed as they worked their way through combing and piecing together various rhythms and relapse to influence the emotional intensity of the song. The exceptional quality of this combined work is inherent in its collaborative nature. The artists were provided a springboard from where they went forward to offer something without precedent to the whole outcome.

I really had time to work on my music because the world stopped, so there was a lot to draw from as far as inspiration and influences go.

The formation of the lyrics of “Upuba” was largely motivated by their wish to show the true Zambian spirit as well as to reflect on recent dynamics merging the past with the future. Through the landscape of his own experiences, the lyrics of his song perform a story of overcoming obstacles and have everyone celebrating their achievements which is aptly relatable to their listeners. Musically, the traditional Zambian rhythms and their scales were included allowing for the song to vein as current and equally rich and favorable.

Moreover, the vocalists attempted to incorporate foreign music sensibilities, mainly afrobeat and hip hop, in this song to project a worldview. This confluence of the tried and the trib, therefore, is the destiny of the arts of these artists in the place of comfort and the zeal to be relevant worldwide.

Recording and Production Insights

The recording of “Upuba” happened at one of the Lusakan’s renown studios with each member of the choir ensuring they contribute vocally as well as make inputs when things needed to be modified in real time. The production had a world-renowned producer at the helm who was well known for not only his excellent sense but also the cutting-edge productions. We worked hard to reach a level that could stand on any international music platform, and this achievement was advanced by the technology of production to an extent.

The entire production process saw many revisions and several variations of the track being tweaked adding from the bass lines to the backup vocals. At last the song was mastered abroad, thus it got the suitable touch which allowed the song to make a significant difference at local and international levels.

People who made the Hit.

D Bwoy Telem: A General Review

D Bwoy Telem’s strength lies in the fact that he has been a dominant force in Zambian music history for the past few years. He has become renowned for his dynamic performance and accompanying compelling verses. He demonstrates musical ability, through his storytelling skills and melodies. From Lusaka, a city with thick hustle and bustle, D Bwoy has grown rapidly and is now recognized as an artist who is interesting diligent and developing.

Ozone Africa: Top Zambian Music Act

The influence of Ozone Africa, though barely two years on the music scene, is already felt around the music circles. His passion for drama and performing arts allowed Ozone to create theatrical notions and put a great deal of emotion in his music. His music style which is a fusion of traditional and contemporary African rhythms and beats has started to gain popularity among the emerging music scene in Zambia and the surrounding regions. “Upuba” will surely contribute to his evergrowing success as a filmmaker.

Macky 2: A domain leader in the industry

Macky 2 is a Zambian music legend hereby. Having decades of his expertise in navigation, he has really been a factor for shaping the entire industry. Applauded for his artistic depth and diversity, Macky 2 has proven that he is unwavering in his commitment to remain relevant and special in the hearts and minds of the audience. He does this by incorporating social commentary into his music while grooming the new talents. Other than the song “Upuba” being a good track in itself, it also becomes the connecting element of old and new school of Zambian music.

Behind-the-Scenes Stories

The Studio Sessions.

The atmosphere in the studio became surreal from the very beginning as I looked for inspiration for the song “Upuba”. D Bwoy Telem says that all these artists had brought their own style and colors thus making a beautiful concert of sound and feelings. They usually had fun as they were full of the last phrase that brightened their spirits and helped the writing. Ozone Africa with his dedication and precision, would make numerous takes to ensure the right sound was captured. From Macky 2’s point of view, Ozone Africa added a subtle touch to the style. One very funny moment was when a joke about a lost coffee cup ended up with a spontaneous lyrics included in the music, which, later on, made the final list.

Challenges Faced and Overcome

artists’ schedules into the final plan was a logistical challenge as each of them had their own set of commitments. Glitches were not the only sensation—at the halfway point of one session, the studio’s soundboard was no longer active hence recording was on hold. This became a blessing in a cask from the break gave the artists time to revisit and polish up the bridge, which then gradually increased the emotional depth. Besides, tackling different musical styles was also another challenge that they had to master, but since their mutual respect for each other’s artistic sense triumphed over that, a balanced fusion was accomplished.

Noteworthy moments during composing of “Upuba”

One of things that I will remember is the time Macky 2 who took Telem and Ozone Africa by diversity featuring Zambian instruments which the later had not expected. Addition of kalimba and traditional percussion gave the track Zambian feel and look that well recognized to the listeners community. The third meaningful scene was the time when the musicians jointly agreed to dedicate the song to their Motherland,

Impact of the Collaboration

Reality Check by Fan and Critics

The debut of “Upuba” brought in a massive success that could be seen both from the fans and the critics. Social media was celebrating the greatness of the song as everyone was raving about of the blending of genres and the musical chemistry of the artists. In the case of this song, critics also had good things to say about how original it is and how it enables each artist to stand out but without overpowering the others. Music blogs and local radio stations soon followed suit in offering airtime to “Upuba,” which many touted as a break through for collaborative productions in the Zambian music industry.

Chart Performances and Achievements

It didn’t take long before “Upuba” hit the top stops of Zambian music charts for the next several weeks. The song at the same time was discover by the international followers, it charted in many African countries, and appeared on playlists in Europe and America. The song usually provides a satisfaction for listeners because of its song’s rhythm, and lyrics, making it popular among a variety of people. The visuals of the music video, moreover, added to its skyrocketing fame when it was viewed and shared by millions of users on music and various social media platforms.

Impacts on Zambia’s Music Landscape

The Zambian music industry was greatly affected by the work that was done on “Upuba” henceforth. It has introduced brand new doors for cross-genre collaborations to appear as well as breaking away the conventional borders that used to keep the artists in particular musical styles. The advent of artists both young and upcoming is an indication that a fusion of different sounds is increasingly in vogue and fuelled by the success of “Upuba.” In addition, the song ‘Upuba’ has been instrumental in promoting Zambian music globally, having generated interest and giving opportunities at an international level. The collaborative nature of the “Upuba” platform, which signifies the beginning of a more equitable and diversified environment in the music industry of Zambia, promises an amazing future for all involved.


The song titled “Upuba” is the testimony of the melody harmony underlying the music partnership of D Bwoy Telem and Ozone Africa with Major 2. These artists who can mix their separate styles, apart from just celebrating the local music, also try to push its barriers to reach a worldwide market. Are you a fan from before or just recently got onboard the Zambian music bandwagon? In both cases, “Upuba” HAS got to be added to your playlist, giving you a taste of the energy and creativity dominating Zambia’s music industry.

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