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Supa Boy Mw Ft Eustice – Oto Tela

DOWNLOAD: Supa Boy Mw Ft Eustice – “Oto Tela” Mp3

“Oto Tela” by Supa Boy Mw Ft Eustice is a vibrant Malawian song that captures the essence of celebration and unity. With its infectious beats and catchy lyrics, the song has become a favorite across the nation. The title, “Oto Tela,” translates to “We are dancing” in English, reflecting the joyful mood of the music. The song’s upbeat rhythm […]

Suwilanji mupulampako thumbnail

DOWNLOAD: Suwilanji – “ELOI” Mp3

Suwilanji‘s latest gospel song, “ELOI,” has captured hearts with its soulful melodies and powerful message. Released amid the challenges of the modern world, the song serves as a beacon of hope and faith, reminding listeners of the unwavering love of God. With her angelic voice, Suwilanji delivers lyrics that resonate with believers, urging them to trust in

Yo Maps – Nga Te Ba Yahweh

Yo Maps – Nga Te Ba Yahweh

A top-rated Zambian singer-songwriter, record producer and international personality, Yo Maps drops his soulful love ballads, on which the artist takes a different approach with his latest single, “Nga Te Ba Yahweh”. This track, his first for 2024, reflects on the uplifting journey of gratitude towards God for blessings amidst challenges faced. It emphasizes that without God’s

Mordecai zm Lade ft. Xaven

Mordecai zm & Lade ft. Xaven – Far Away

Far Away by Mordecai zm & Lade ft. Xaven Mp3 Download Mordecai zm has once again proven his musical prowess with the release of his latest single, ‘Far Away.’ Produced by Crescent 101. Finally, this Zambian highly skilled singer and songwriter has captivated audiences with his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. In this new track, Mordecai zm collaborates

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