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Jemax – Sweater

DOWNLOAD: Jemax – “Sweater” Mp3

After the heartfelt track “Chibale,” Jemax has released a new single titled “Sweater.” This song showcases Jemax’s versatility as an artist, as he shifts from themes of family and unity to a fun and romantic vibe. In “Sweater,” He raps about his admiration for a woman who catches his eye. The song’s catchy hook and […]

Neo – Nothing Is Permanent

DOWNLOAD: Neo – “Nothing Is Permanent” Mp3

Zambian artist Neo has released a new song titled “Nothing Is Permanent.” The track has quickly gained popularity for its relatable lyrics and catchy melody. In “Nothing Is Permanent,” He explores themes of change and the temporary nature of life’s situations, whether they are good or bad. His soulful voice and heartfelt delivery resonate with listeners, reminding

Kelvicious Ft Jasman – Street Vendor

DOWNLOAD: Kelvicious Ft Jasman – “Street Vendor” Mp3

Double M Music Entertainment proudly presents the latest Zambian song, “Street Vendor,” by Kelvicious featuring Jasman. Produced by Double M Music, this new release is a heartfelt tribute to the hardworking street vendors of Zambia. “Street Vendor” combines catchy rhythms with meaningful lyrics, showcasing the daily struggles and resilience of those working in the informal economy. Kelvicious and Jasman’s collaboration brings

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DOWNLOAD: Starjon Icho – “IFIDODO” Mp3

Zambian artist Starjon Icho has released a new song titled “IFIDODO,” following the success of his previous hit “100 Bars Freestyle.” Known for his distinctive style and lyrical prowess, Starjon Icho continues to captivate fans with his fresh sound and engaging storytelling. The song showcases Starjon Icho‘s unique ability to blend traditional Zambian music with modern

Danny Vumbi Ft Bwiza – Ni Danger Remix

DOWNLOAD: Danny Vumbi Ft Bwiza – “Ni Danger Remix” Mp3

Rwandan artists Danny Vumbi and Bwiza have teamed up for a hit collaboration, “Ni Danger Remix.” Released in 2024, this track is gaining popularity for its catchy beats and powerful lyrics. Danny Vumbi, known for his unique musical style and engaging storytelling, brings a fresh perspective to the remix, while Bwiza adds her distinctive voice and vibrant energy. “Ni Danger

Fireboy DML – Sound

DOWNLOAD: Fireboy DML – “Sound” Mp3

“Sound” is a vibrant song by Nigerian artist Fireboy DML, released in 2023. Known for his melodic voice and catchy tunes, Fireboy DML brings a fresh vibe to the Afrobeats scene with this track. The song features a lively beat that blends traditional African rhythms with modern pop elements, creating a sound that’s both unique

Mavokali – Far Away

DOWNLOAD: Mavokali – “Far Away” Mp3

Tanzanian artist Mavokali has recently released a new song titled “Far Away.” This track showcases hs signature style, blending catchy melodies with heartfelt lyrics. “Far Away” tells a story of longing and separation, capturing the emotions of missing a loved one who is far away. The song features a smooth Afrobeat rhythm that makes it

Jay Bahd Ft Sarkodie – Hate

DOWNLOAD: Jay Bahd Ft Sarkodie – “Hate” Mp3

Ghanaian artists Jay Bahd and Sarkodie have teamed up to release their latest song, “Hate.” This collaboration blends Jay Bahd‘s unique drill style with Sarkodie’s renowned rap skills, creating a powerful track that resonates with fans. “Hate” addresses themes of envy and negativity, delivering a strong message about overcoming criticism and staying true to oneself. Jay Bahd‘s raw and

Ugaboys – Cheater

DOWNLOAD: Ugaboys – “Cheater” Mp3

The Ugaboys have dropped their latest single, “Cheater,” capturing listeners with its catchy beat and relatable lyrics. This new release delves into the theme of infidelity, a subject many can identify with, blending it with vibrant African rhythms that the Ugaboys are known for. “Cheater” tells the story of betrayal and heartbreak, yet its lively

Nailah Blackman – Pressure

DOWNLOAD:  Nailah Blackman – “Pressure” Mp3

Nailah Blackman’s latest hit, “Pressure,” is making waves across the African music scene. The Trinidadian singer-songwriter infuses her signature soca sound with Afrobeat rhythms, creating a captivating fusion that resonates with listeners. The song’s infectious beat and catchy lyrics speak to the pressures of modern life, encouraging listeners to dance away their worries. With its

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