DOWNLOAD:  Willy Paul Ft  Skales – “I’m Single” Mp3

Willy Paul Ft Skales

Willy Paul, a talented Kenyan artist, collaborated with Nigerian singer Skales to create the captivating African song “I’m Single.” Released 2024, the song blends vibrant beats with catchy lyrics in a mix of Swahili and English.

I’m Single” tells a story of love and heartbreak, expressing the emotions of someone who is navigating the complexities of relationships. The energetic rhythm and soulful vocals of Willy Paul and Skales combine to create a powerful and memorable tune.

The song’s music video, shot in colorful African settings, enhances the lively and upbeat vibe of the track. Fans of African music appreciate the fusion of Kenyan and Nigerian sounds that “I’m Single” offers, making it a popular choice for parties, clubs, and radio stations across the continent.

Willy Paul and  Skales’ collaboration in “I’m Single” showcases the beauty of cultural exchange through music, uniting fans across borders with its irresistible melody and relatable lyrics.

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